The Association is a self-help organization and run as a "democratic co-operative’. All the member artists have a voice in how it is run. Any mouth and foot painter of unimpeachable reputation living anywhere in the world can become a member of the Association provided they are 18 years of age and their works are considered artistic by the Jury who then recommends them for membership to the Managing Board.

The management procedures are governed by the statutes, which require that a Delegates Convention or General Assembly of all members must be held at least once every three years.

For electoral purposes, the Association divides the world into four regions: Europe, Africa and the Middle East; the Americas; the Far East; Australasia and Oceania. Each region deputes at least one delegate for every five members.

The managing board members and the president are elected by the members of the association. With the exception of the legal representative, every managing board member has to be a recognized mouth or foot painter.

International Exhibitions

During the last 50 years paintings and artworks of mouth- and foot painters have been shown in numerous museums and town halls around the world.

International exhibitions were held for instance in the following buildings:

• Town Hall of Madrid (Spain), March 1981

• Uno Headquarters in Geneva (Switzerland), September 1981

• Guildhall Art Gallery in London (UK) in September 1982

• Oslo Concert Hall (Norway), November 1991

• Council of Europe in Strasbourg (France), November 1996

• Palace of Nations in Geneva (Switzerland), August 1998

• Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney (Australia), March 2000

• Woodruff Art Center in Atlanta (USA), May 2003

• Shanghai Art Museum (PRC), April 2005

• Albertina Museum in Vienna (Austria), April 2007

• Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall in Taipei (ROC- Taiwan), October 2012

• Hofburg in Vienna (Austria), Juli 2013

• Zappeion in Athens (Greece)

• Town Hall of Copenhagen (Danmark), October 2015